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Prod_PictureProd_NameProd_PriceInterfaceGiga_BytesPNRPMClick to Buy  
IBM HardDrive$87.00IDE, ATA-100.4007N92087200
 IBM HardDrive$102.89IDE, ATA-1004007N80827200
 IBM HardDrive$104.00IDE, ATA-1006007N92097200
 IBM HardDrive$119.90IDE, ATA-1008007N92107200
 IBM HardDrive$188.00 IDE, ATA-10012007N92197200
Maxtor$75.78IDE, ATA-100404D040H25400
 Maxtor$92.89IDE, ATA-100604D060H35400
 Maxtor$112.78IDE, ATA-100804D080H45400
 Maxtor$75.80IDE, ATA-133206L020J17200
 Maxtor$84.01IDE, ATA-133406L040J27200
 Maxtor$97.78IDE, ATA-133606L060J37200
 Maxtor$109.12IDE, ATA-133806L080J47200
 Maxtor$177.16 IDE, ATA-1331206L0120J65400
 Maxtor$254.90IDE, ATA-1331606L0120J65400
 Maxtor$0.00IDE, ATA-1338005400
Seagate$92.00IDE, ATA-10040St340016A7200
 Seagate$118.00IDE, ATA-10060St360021A7200
 Seagate$149.00 IDE, ATA-10080St380021A7200
 Western Digital$71.34IDE, ATA-10020WD200EB5400
Western Digital$77.89IDE, ATA-10020WD200BB7200
 Western Digital$80.99IDE, ATA-10040WD400EB5400
 Western Digital$92.00IDE, ATA-10040WD400BB7200
 Western Digital$102.00IDE, ATA-10060WD600EB5400
 Western Digital$122.89IDE, ATA-10060WD600BB7200
 Western Digital$129.00IDE, ATA-10080WD800BB7200
 Western Digital$182.20IDE, ATA-100100WD100BB87200
 Western Digital$194.00IDE, ATA-100120WD120BB7200
 Western Digital$245.00IDE, ATA-100120WD120JB7200
IBM$154.95SCSI Ultra 1609.107N636010000
 IBM$175.00SCSI Ultra 16018.307N635010000
 IBM$279.00SCSI Ultra 16036.707N634010000
 IBM$629.00SCSI Ultra 16073.407N630010000
 IBM$219.00SCSI Ultra 16018.307N490015000
 IBM$419.00SCSI Ultra 16036.707N490115000
Maxtor$315.00SCSI Ultra 16018.4KW036L210000
 Maxtor$435.00SCSI Ultra 16036.7KW036L410000
 Maxtor$814.90SCSI Ultra 16073.4KW036L810000
Seagate$315.00SCSI, Narrow18.4ST318418N7200
 Seagate$435.00SCSI, Narrow36.7ST336918N7200
 Seagate$158.00SCSI Ultra 16018.4ST318438LW7200
Seagate$174.00SCSI Ultra 16018.4ST318406LW10000
 Seagate$219.00SCSI Ultra 16018.4ST318452LW15000
 Seagate$257.90SCSI Ultra 16036.7ST336938LW7200
 Seagate$274.00SCSI Ultra 16036.7ST336706LW10000
 Seagate$394.00SCSI Ultra 16036.7ST336732LW15000
 Seagate$608.00SCSI Ultra 16073.4ST373405LW10000
 Seagate$1,301.99SCSI Ultra 160181.6ST1181677LWV7200
Maxtor$198.80SCSI Ultra 32018.4KZ018L210000
 Maxtor$338.90SCSI Ultra 32036.7KZ036L410000
 Maxtor$718.00SCSI Ultra 32073.4KZ073L810000
Adaptec 29160N CU card$278.89SCSI Ultra 1600A29160N
IBM Ultrastar$921.99SCSI Ultra 320146.808K032210000
Seagate$87.94IDE, ATA-10040ST340016A7200
Seagate$139.29Serial ATA80ST380023AS7200
 Seagate$188.99Serial ATA120ST3120023AS7200
IBM/Hitachi$279.99ATA 6180Deskstar 180GXP7200

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