In Memorium

Helen Mary Duda

June 22, 1912 - January 18, 2003 Schellhaas Funeral Home, East St North Side Pittsburgh Pa (no web site any longer)

Helen was born in Pittsburgh Pa to Josephine (Cech) Kranys and Rudy J. Kranys. She had an older brother Rudy J. and a younger sister Mary Terrick. Her parents had migrated to America from Czeckoslovakia (then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) in the early 1900's.
Her early childhood was spent in Pittsburgh and lived there till her family moved south. She lived for a number of years in Texas and Louisianna where she contracted malaria, and her brother lost an arm in a hunting accident. Her father sold the land they owned in Louisianna, although he kept the mineral rights, and they returned to Pittsburgh. She lived in the Pittsburgh area till her death.

Helen graduated from Allegheny High School in 1932 in the midst of the depression. During the depression they lived in homes on the North Side and in Milvale as she called it. I believe you might consider that area Shaler Township now.

Helen Duda was married and had 3 boys, James, John and Rudy. She was a mother, housekeeper and a banker for many years. She worked at Workingmen's Savings & Loan and at Spring Hill Savings and then returned to Workingmen's till she retired. She spoke often and was proud to have paid all the Real Estate taxes, paid the Fire Insurance premiums on the properties mortgaged there. She also posted all the interest on the Savings accounts and in her spare time did some teller work. Once she didn't get home till after 8 PM, because she was looking for a penny discrepancy in the daily balance.

After she retired she enjoyed her gardens. She had a flower garden and a vegatable garden at her residence. She lived at her mothers home for many years after her mother's death. Her flowers were famous in that Perry Hilltop community and the neighborhood children loved to ask for a flower. She also enjoyed her community gardens and the company of the residents of East Allegheny and her brother and sister as they toiled their gardens each season.

She spent her last years in the home of her son John in Allison Park Pa. She died on January 18, 2003 at her son's home
Rudolph Kranys born 12/12/1884-12/01/64. Emigrated from (Austria) Czecholslavakia in 1906. Oath of Allegience 1914 Pittsburgh Pa
Josephine Kranys born 3/15/1885-1/ /1977 Married 1910