Kaby Kabins

On Lake Kabinakagami in Ontario Canada

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So you think that Bigfoot doesn't exist. Take a look just in front of the bow of the boat. Poor Porky is totally unaware of the danger lurking there. I also show an enlargement I made of the bow area of that shot. If you're a non-believer you can proudly state: "That's just a tree stump. Otherwise you'll say it has a waist, two legs an arm and a head with a face. What more evidence does one need !!!!!! This was taken at the pool below the falls on the Kabinakagami River up stream of Kaby Lake. At that time there was a portage arround those falls. Within the portage were a couple ( two or three? ) cabins. Not much of anything; just small bunk houses. Covered in tar paper. There was a 55 gallon drum, I guess that was the heat and light? Anyway I'm supposing that bigfoot lived in one of those cabins???

These were taken on the dock at White River Air Service in the 1970's.