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This form only creates round or oval buttons, the shape is determined by the size, an oval button is longer than high.

Back Ground Color     Red               Green           Blue   

Font Color                    Red               Green           Blue    Note: White is: 255, 255, 255 Black is: 000, 000, 000

Button Text Note if you put a %0A in a string it'll force a line feed into your button text.

Font Size    

Button Size       Width:       Height:            

My intention is creating this site was to allow buttons to be created as the web page is opened by the user. I wanted to be able to code the buttons as I wrote the web page. I wanted to be able to code the buttons dynamically if I needed to. To do this means that the button must be created quickly. If you have multiple buttons you might have all of them in the same color with different text. You don't want the page to take forever loading because of the buttons. I think I've done that. I call them virtual buttons. If you'd like more info on using virtual buttons on your web page, read this page.
The Unisys U.S. LZW patent expired June 20, 2003. This software was created in the U.S after the expiration of that U.S. patent. If you use this software in other countries, you should consult an attorney in that country. More information on the Unisys patent

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