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Mouse click along the color selector bars to choose the color you wish.
You should be able to create any color by clicking from the above 3 bars but.....
Michael Angelo, himself, could not mix yellow oils. Some more options are:
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Your monitor should be able to display a clear uncontaminated grey from pure white to pure black. In addition your monitor should be capable of displaying all densities in that range. If the following doesn't appear neutral in color you need to calibrate your monitor. If you are unable to discern the difference between any of the squares your monitor brightness and or contrast may need adjusted. You may also need a new monitor. If yours is new I apologize for the guy who sold it to you. This step wedge is the most reliable way to calibrate your monitor. The wedge is created from code as your browser opens our web page. Thus there are no errors in files being used or in scanners or printers or any calibration hardware or software. Your eye is the only imperfection in our system. Except that critical calibration takes into account the ambient room lighting where your monitor sits. But any system, including this one, has the same issue. Our system, however, has one other benefit. It's FREE!!!!!